Why Moto X wont be a success in India

Motorola is happy place these days. The phone maker tasted huge success with its budget offering Moto G. The phone was well received in all the markets. In India Motorola made the phone available exclusively on Flipkart and succeded in setting the sales chart on fire, making it Motorola’s highest selling smartphone ever.

Buoyed by the success, Motorola is now bringing its flagship, the Moto x to India via Flipkart. Although there is absolutely no denying that moto X is a great device and is one of the best android phones of last year, it will not be an easy ride for the phone in India. The biggest reason for that is the price.


India is a price sensitive and brand conscious market. The local players have established a name for them by launching some decent phones at affordable price. Motorola, rightly took a leaf out of these companies book and priced the Moto G agressively making it the best phone in the budget category. People looking for a decent budget smartphone at a rather affordable price tag, grabbed the moto G quickly.

But the Moto X clearly doesn’t have that luxury. Motorola took a completely different route with the Moto X. Although it packs some decent specifications, it is clearly light years behind what other flagships are offering. The phone comes with HD display, Dual core processor and close to stock android to run the device while other OEM’s are churning out flagships with Full HD (and QHD) display, Quad core/ Octa Core processors etc…So even if Motorola launches the phone in India at its current US price of $349 plus taxes, it will be priced around 25-27k. This puts it right against the Nexus 5, Samsung current flagship the galaxy S4 (S5 yet to launch), the Xperia Z and the recently launched Canvas Knight. Compared with Moto X, all these phone have superior specs in all the departments and it would be very tough task for Motorola to convince buyers.

Only time will tell how Motorola will woo buyers and convince them to buy the Moto X.