Motorola to launch Moto X in India and Australia in next few weeks

Buoyed by the fantastic Moto G sales, Motorola announced that it will launch its flagship, the Moto X in India in next few weeks. Australia will also be getting a taste of Motorola’s flagship around the same time. Motorola has also announced that the successor to the Moto X is coming soon to a select markets starting the US.

Moto X
Moto X

At its MWC 2014 event, replying to a question on the Moto X launch in Asia, Motorola officially announced the Moto X India launch plans. However there is no word on whether Motorola will bring the Moto Maker to India or not. To rewind a bit, Moto Maker allows users to customize their phone before buying it. The customization includes color choice, internal memory, accessories to be included in the box and etc…


The Moto X is the first smartphone launched by Motorola with the inputs from Google after Google had bought it. The phone currently available in US and UK and retails for $349 unlocked in the US.

Considering the Moto G was launched in India at a reasonably competitive price, it would be interesting to see how Motorola prices the Moto X. I think a sub 25k INR price will make be great.


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