HTC ONE successor to be unveiled on 25th March

HTC will be unveiling its next flagship, the HTC ONE successor on March 25th. The phone will be unveiled via simultaneous events to be held in New York and London.


HTC had launched the HTC ONE flagship February last year with sleek aluminum unibody and innovative 4MP Ultra Pixel camera at the back. The phone got some rave reviews and was undoubtedly the best build phone of the year. However the good reviews did not convert into great sales figures for the reason being the camera although good but was clearly not on par with what competition flagships had to offer and HTC never marketed the phone good enough.

But the successor is said to overcome all those drawbacks and is said to pack dual sensors at the back. It is also expected to come with bigger display, sense 6.0 UI and all other 2014 flagship internals. The recent leaks suggest that the phone will retain the same styling as its predecessor.

What else does HTC have in store only time will tell. stay tuned for all the updates.

Source: TheVerge


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